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The Importance of Vaccinating

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7 Common Feline Skin Conditions

Cats are fastidious creatures! Since their skin is very sensitive, daily bathing and grooming are huge parts of their routine. Typically, your cat's fur should feel clean and smooth to your touch. Things like redness, lumps, flaking or scaly patches, pimples, or spots with hair loss can be an alert that kitty needs to visit her Brook Farm friends soon. If you start noticing that your feline friend smells strangely, or he or she is licking or scratching an area more frequently, it could be a warning sign of a serious problem for your cat's skin.

Helping Your Pet Take Their Medicine

A wise woman once said, 'A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down'. Aside from being a fun little earworm, Mary Poppins was really onto something there. If Dr. Clark or Dr. Kanouse has written a prescription to treat an illness or medical condition in your cat or dog, it's extremely important that they take their medication to feel better as soon as possible.

Spaying and Neutering: Our Commitment to Serve

Here at Brook Farm, we are proud to do our part to ensure all pets are spayed or neutered in a safe and proficient manner.

Pet Safety with Essential Oils

It might seem like everyone and their brother are using essential oils. These fragrant oils turn up in lotions and soaps; they're used in personal care for aromatherapy or just keeping your home smelling wonderful. 

Growing a Well Adjusted Puppy

Puppyhood is a special time of growing and exploring - and building the bonds of a lifelong friendship! These boisterous, spirited, curious balls of energy are learning all the time; as his or her new family, there are easy ways to play with your pup that help them grow into a happy and friendly dog - and avoid issues like anxiety and behavioral problems when they're older. Check out these 5 easy steps for a well adjusted puppy!

Test your cat care savvy!

Our feline friends are mysterious, sometimes moody creatures - and it's one of the reasons so many Brook Farmers love them. To those who don't understand cats, their strange and secretive behavior can lead to a lot of misconceptions. Like every pet, cats have emotional needs along side the physical care you and the Brook Farm team provide. Take our mini quiz below to test your kitty care know-how.

Dealing with Puppy Boredom

There is nothing quite like the fun and joy of bringing home a new puppy. Puppies are naturally curious, playful, and precocious.

What to Know Before Feeding Your Puppy

Your puppy is your new best friend, and you want to give her or him the best foundation to grow and thrive. You certainly don’t want to unknowingly contribute to anything that might be harmful or inadequate to their health. This is where your Brook Farm family's doggy nutrition know-how comes in!

What is microchipping & why is it so important?

A common misconception among pet owners is that you must renew your pet’s registration annually, at the cost of $19.99, in order to keep your pet’s microchip number, description, your name, and your contact details in the HomeAgain database. Not true!

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