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The Importance of Vaccinating

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Doggy Dental Basics: Our Top 4 Questions

It comes up often here at Brook Farm Veterinary Center: “Do I really need to brush my dog’s teeth? Aren’t dental chews or rawhide enough?”

Pet Hair Everywhere! 8 Tips for a Clean House with Pets

There’s no question that bringing a pet into your home can enrich everyday life. But, as your family dynamic has now changed, so has the daily housekeeping needs. Pet hair, muddy paws, and furniture scuffs are things to consider -- and don’t even get us started on that wet dog smell.

Prevent Common Pet Ailments with These Tips

Weighty Matters: Feline Obesity

No Bones About It: What to Know About Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives. However, much like people, your dog’s senior years can be affected by the aches and pains of aging. Osteoarthritis is becoming much more common in dogs, particularly large breeds or pooches carrying extra weight.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Back to School Season

As summer is winding down, many Brook Farm families are caught up in the rush of getting ready to head back to school. In the midst of the frenzy of shopping, meeting teachers, and paperwork, take a moment to watch for any concerns on how the change in the family’s schedule is affecting your pet. After a couple months of extra attention and play time with the kids, the abrupt quietness of the house can be very upsetting for your dog. Sudden changes in the home can also create stress for your cat, leading to anxiety and depression. Below are some tips from Brook Farm staff and families for helping your cat and dog handle the start of the new school year.

4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

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Make the Most of Summer With Your Dog!

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