Bad for the Mouth is Bad for the Body!




When we think about periodontal disease in our cats and dogs, the first concern for pet owners usually involves mouth pain, tooth loss, and oral infections. What doesn't immediately spring to mind are the other consequences of dental disease, the long term impact on lungs, kidneys, and the heart.

Like us, the health of our cherished pets is a complex and interconnected system. This is especially true regarding our pet's dental health; at the onset of periodontal disease, the gums become inflamed and begin to pull away from the teeth. Bacteria can then enter the bloodstream and create painful, chronic disease throughout an animal's body. Broken and abscessed teeth can create agonizing infections that slowly destroy bone.

Dental care is more than just a clean mouth and fresh breath. It's protecting every part of your best friend's health. Call your Brook Farm family any time for your next dental visit or help getting started with regular dental care at home.


Patterson's Only AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital

Unlike human hospitals, veterinary practices have no requirement to be evaluated by an independent organization or the government. At Brook Farm, we devote time, energy, and resources into our facility, team, and equipment to ensure that we're up to par, because your pet deserves nothing less.


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