Fear-Free Dental Care


When we talk about a pet's dental cleaning, we often see two types discussed: anesthetic free and those that are performed under anesthetic. At Brook Farm, in keeping with our commitment to Fear Free Culture and our AAHA standard of care, all our dental cleanings are performed under a mild sedation.

The best behaved cat or dog is still going to be frightened of the bright lights, the tugging, scraping, and pulling going on inside their mouth during a cleaning - and may panic or be unable to remain still. This increased of risk of injury can limit a vet tech's ability to give the best care possible. For this reason, an anesthetic free cleaning may only be cosmetic (at best).

With your cat or dog safely sedated, the Brook Farm medical team is able to thoroughly remove tartar and clean every single tooth. They're able to assess below the gumline for easily hidden problems and take their time to inspect a pet's gums, palate, and tongue.

With a mild anesthetic, your pet's dental cleaning can be meticulous and comprehensive. Most important of all, it can be fear free.


Patterson's Only AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital

Unlike human hospitals, veterinary practices have no requirement to be evaluated by an independent organization or the government. At Brook Farm, we devote time, energy, and resources into our facility, team, and equipment to ensure that we're up to par, because your pet deserves nothing less.


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