Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet

The holidays are finally here! Trees, candy, reindeer, family, and cheer are just around the corner. As you prepare for a festive season, keep in mind that your furry companion might not feel as jolly as you are. While you are wrapping presents, baking the ham, and possibly preparing to travel, we have some quick and easy tips to remember to keep your furry friend safe this holiday season.

  • While you may like to have all your family over for Christmas, lots of pets are not used to an abundance of people. This can become overwhelming for your four-legged friend, and also for your guests if your pet acts out. We suggest boarding your dog/cat or creating a safe, secluded place for them to stay while the festivities are ongoing.
  • If you are traveling around the holidays, assess whether your pet is coming with you or staying behind. If your pet is traveling with you, make sure that you are prepared by bringing their food and some favorite items that smell like home. If you are traveling via car, make sure your pet is safely secured either in a crate or by using a harness and seat belt to avoid any injury to you or your pet during travel. If your pet is staying home, make sure you have made the proper arrangements to have a pet-sitter or for them to board.
  • No matter what you decide to do for the holidays, a stable routine is very important for your pet. Keep their daily feeding and walk/playtime schedule as close to normal as possible. This will reduce any stress from visitors or from travel.
  • Make sure your pet has up-to-date identification so that if a door is left open and they escape, they can get home again.

So enjoy the season, find a fun toy or treat for your pet for Christmas, and we will see you soon!



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