New Year's Resolutions...For Your Pets!

By Savanna Brienza - Proud Brook Farmer

We’ve all heard of them. We’ve all had those resolutions that we really intend to keep but just can’t quite manage to follow through on. Some of us have managed to actually stick with it and complete our goals! New Year’s resolutions are nothing new for humans, and just as often as not they end up in failure. What we are going to suggest is this something that we think may improve your chances for success. Ready?

Involve your pets in your resolutions!

Who has made a resolution to exercise more and lose weight; a lot of people, right? So pick up your furry friend as an exercise partner. So do some yoga with your cat, or jog with your dog, we’re sure they will appreciate getting to be active with their favorite human. You may even find it more motivating to go for that walk if you know your buddy is looking forward to it.

Have a resolution to travel more? Awesome! Find some pet friendly vacation spots or day trips and make some memories for you and your best bud. (Make sure to take lots of pictures too, we love seeing all of the adventures our patients go on.)

Want to learn a new skill? Teach fido a new trick as well and you can both work towards mastering your crafts together. If your goal is to be less stressed, well then have we got some news for you; pets can provide a huge range of health benefits, including stress reduction!

Reading, running, stressing, volunteering; it doesn’t matter! Making a resolution about more than just yourself may be just the push some of us need to see it through, and we’re sure that your furry friends will appreciate it too. Good luck, and happy new year!

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