Wacky Pet Names

By Erik Jones - Proud Brook Farmer

wacky pet names.jpg


Studies have shown that most pet owners aquire their pets around two times a year: Christmas and the month of June. Who doesn't or wouldn't want a cute cuddy pal for the holidays, right?  

Some people choose to keep things simple; Fido, Jack, Scruffy, Fluffy, or my personal favorite, Randy. There are some people though who put a lot of thought into picking the wackiest and sometimes tackiest names for their pets... there's even a competition hosted by Nationwide to judge them!

cowboy cat.jpgThis years top names were: Dunkin Butterbeans, Farrah "Paw"cet, Fiona Penny Pickles, and Little Booty Ham Sandwich. Yep those are all real names registered by owners with their actual pets! Some of the other names to be mentioned are "Obi Wan Catnobi" and "Winston Purrchill". 

So the next time you decided to get a new furry little friend, don't be too shy to give him or her a colorful name that everyone will remember. If you already have a pet with a wacky name feel free to share a name and a picture with us on our Brook Farm Facebook page as well!

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