Brook Farm is Living Green!

By Shannon Ferguson - Proud Brook Farmer

Maybe you haven't heard? Brook Farm has been working steadily over the last few years to 'go green.' That's right - your favorite neighborhood veterinary practice is taking on one more patient: our environment. 

Not only are your Farmers working to better their environment and ensure that the impact we all make is positive above all else, we've also solidified ourselves as a member of the Green Business Bureau. This means BFVC is a certified environmentaly-friendly organization. 

Not sure what a Green Busines entails? Well, in short it required that each business closely monitor and maintain their economic and environmental sustainability. Still confused? Let's talk about what Brook Farm is doing right now to promote this initiative; examples always help! 

Paper usage: Our practice is paperless and all of our medical charting and records are kept electronically

Medical Waste: We utilize medical waste containers in order to dispose of needles properly.

- Recycling: 

    1. We recycle all cardboard, printer paper, and other paper products.
    2. We recycle bottles and cans from the practice itself, and have a community recycling program for the community, where they can bring us their bottles/cans and the deposits will be donated to the Farm Fund.
    3. We recycle all plastic bags, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap.

- Electricity Waste Reduction: We measure the energy usage of our appliances, including copiers, printers, computers, and lab equipment to identify where we can reduce waste.

- And just a few more for fun....!

    1. Client signatures are collected electronically.
    2. Lights are turned off when they are not in use and at the end of each day.
    3. All computer monitors are set to sleep automatically after a certain period of time.
    4. All appliances are Energy Star approved.
    5. Client Advocates and Technicians are encouraged to reuse paper for jotting notes instead of throwing them in the garbage.
    6. All documents are printed double sided.
    7. Fluorescent lights are used throughout the practice.

Got it now, huh? Our Green Business Bureau seal of approval means that we are SUPER GREEN! 

When asked about the practice's initiatives in the world of eco-safety and conservation, Hospital Director Evan Kanouse III stated: "What we do directly affects the ecology of our local environment and the animals we take care of each day. We believe that businesses that are able to work with the environment rather than simply consume its resources, will not only rise to the top of their market, but will help secure their futures and the futures of succeeding generations."

Being that Brook Farm is a family owned and operated facility in its second generation, our staff has taken the green-approach to heart. We're looking to ensure that Brook Farm continues on as a leader in all aspects of client and environmental service for a long time coming! 


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