Brook Farm Visits SUNY Delhi Vet Tech Program

By Shannon Ferguson - Proud Brook Farmer

For our fourth year running, our Hospital Director, Evan Kanouse III, hosted a seminar at SUNY Delhi for Veterinary Technician students. We are so proud to be able to work with SUNY Delhi as a number of our own technicians have graduated from their program.

At each visit, Evan takes careful steps to ensure that his presentation covers not only the quality of care given in the exam rooms, but also the care and attention that our practice pays to the community overall. Brook Farm’s passion has always been the community; from events hosted in-house, such as Pet Pictures with Santa Paws and our Jr Veterinary Summer Camp, to forays out to local libraries and pet-parades, we have always made a point to make ourselves visible and available to our community.

Evan made it a point this year to highlight the fact that good veterinary care, and genuine interest in your patient, only begins in the office, and must extend onwards into home-life, and community education. After all, the best care you can provide is an education. Each patient that enters our practice is of the utmost importance to us; the care we provide will have a lasting impact on their life, and that is not to be taken lightly. Whether we are vaccinating for a life-threatening disease, repairing an open wound, or discussing the benefits of bloodwork, our role as veterinary professionals means that we must always be ready. We never know which decision or discussion will have the greatest effect, and so each time we interact with our patients, we must embody each and every one of the Brook Farm Core Values.

  • Example: We are humble educators who turn knowledge into action and strive to empower others to do so.
  • Precision: We believe in social, ethical, and overall organizational accountability.
  • Empathy: We have an obligation to act in the benefit of all living creatures.

Overall, each Brook Farmer aims to make an impact that goes beyond their position here at the Center. Our aim is to educate the public and grow with the community, guiding both current and future generations through their journey for empathetic and precise veterinary care.

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