Farm Fund Helps Painful Kitty

By Shannon Ferguson - Proud Brook Farmer

As you've probably noticed, our Client Advocates like to chat; whether you've got a story about a funny run-in you had with a friend, or a wild tale about a far-away adventure, we're here to listen! Recently though, our staff heard a story that they knew likely would not have a happy ending unless they stepped in.

A new client was here for a first visit, and getting to know the staff; we chatted about her handsome kitty to her beautiful horses and all the pets in between, and we knew she had a passion for animals. We also knew something was wrong. Joanne mentioned to us that Tex, her young cat at home, had been straining in his litter box, crying out in pain while he attempted to go to the bathroom.

We suggested to Joanne that maybe Tex should come in, since this could become serious if Tex’s urethra was currently “blocked,” which she had told us he had a history of. A blocked urethra can cause the bladder to overfill, and even rupture, and should be treated quickly. Joanne agreed; she knew this was unlike the flair-ups of urinary issues she had seen in the past.

But Tex’s pain did not come without an additional worry; out of work, Joanne had not expected to make two visits to Brook Farm in a single day, and was not prepared financially.

That wasn’t going to stop our Farmers from making sure Tex got the care he needed, and very much deserved. Our Farm Fund was able to cover the cost of Tex’s exam, as well as a radiograph to ensure that he was not blocked. Thankfully, he wasn’t. Tex’s pain stemmed from a urinary tract infection, which our team was able to treat with antibiotics!

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