Farm Fund Helps Dog Smile Again

By Shannon Ferguson - Proud Brook Farmer

Dog fights can be some of the scariest experiences a pet owner can face; the surprise and violence of it can leave both owner and pet stunned, and the damage can be both severe and long-lasting. And the visits to the veterinarian, we all know, can be daunting. 

'Maple,' a thirteen-year-old German Shephard mix, found herself in just such a situation. Maple had been out in her yard, a fenced in property surrounding her house, when a neighbor's dog attacked her throught the fence. This dog grabbed hold of Maple's face through the fencing and attempted to yank her through. This caused severe lacerations and puncture wounds to Maple's face and mouth, and required immediate attention. 

Maple's owner was in a panic; injuries such as this require extensive care and follow-up in office, as well as medications to go home. Without many options, she looked to Brook Farm for Maples's care. 

Dr. Clark knew immediately that this was a case she would be unable to turn away. Maple was kind and gentle, and she needed help desperately. Not only had Maple's face been mauled, but the wounds were in areas prone to infection and worse. Dr. Clark sought the Farm Fund nearly immediately. 

Luckily, Maple and her Mom were approved! The Farm Fund would be able to cover the cost of Maple's surgical repair, medications, as well as some of the follow-up appointments she had in order to keep the wounds clean and monitor the healing. 

This was a big undertaking, and Maple's owner was nothing by gracious. In fact, even while she battles in court, Maple's Mom's only intention is to be able to pay back the Farm Fund for all we have been able to do for Maple. 

Now, after a few weeks, Maple is looking great and showing off her smile at each visit! 

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