Kitty Having a 'Ruff Day Finds the Farm Fund

By Shannon Ferguson - Proud Brook Farmer

Did you know that male cats are vulnerable to what is known as "urinary blockage?" Well, it was lucky that our most recent Farm Fund recipient's owner did know this, or else the end of this story would have had a very different ending!

Jimmy's owner is an avid animal-lover; raised around horses, she has always had a passion for the four-legged of the world. She is so attentive of her little kitty, in fact, that she knew nearly immediately when he began showing strange symptoms. Jimmy was hiding often (very out of character for him), and his owner could not find any evidence that he had urinated recently. That's when the lightbulb went off: a blockage in his urethra. 

This ever-mindful owner had read about the posibility of a male cat becoming blocked, and remember that if it went on for too long, the chances of internal complications, and eventually death, rose drastically. She knew she needed to call Brook Farm right away. 

Our Medical Team was able to assess Jimmy quickly after his owner shuttled him down to our Urgent Care team. Dr. Clark's assessment was fast, and wouldn't you know it, but Jimmy's owner had been right. Jimmy was blocked, and he needed help fast. 

Emergency surgery, no matter what the situation, is not something that anyone can truly prepare themselves for. Mentally, physically, or financially, you are bound to be caught off guard, but at Brook Farm, financial uncertainty will never be a reason a beloved pet goes without care. 

Jimmy's mom moved quickly through the application process. She agreed to put down a percentage of the treatment plan, and the Farm Fund was able to meet her in the middle, ensuring that Jimmy would receive the care he needed, and fast. Dr. Clark was able to remove the blockage that night, and set Jimmy up with a urinary catheter, so that the Brook Farm staff could assist him with urination until he was able to do it on his own. 

Of course, this procedure is nothing to throw stones at. Jimmy spent nearly a week in the hospital in recover, and in the end, needed to have one additional surgery in order to ensure the he would never become blocked again. 

Without the Farm Fund, Jimmy likely would not have survived this grave complication. It is only due to the kindness of our community, people who have never had the opportunity to meet Jimmy or his very caring mother, that he was able to go home a healthy boy just a few days later. 

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