Caitlin Fanning

Position: Lodge Attendant

Even when Caitlin isn’t at Brook Farm, where she works as a Lodge Attendant, she is never quite short of animals. Be it her boxer Tucker, or her cats, Zeus and Luna, Caitlin is passionate about the care she provides for her pets, and that is what brought her to Brook Farm in 2014.

Being a pet-owner herself, Caitlin knows that the care she provides to the animals staying at the Lodge at Brook Farm is critical to their well-being while they are away from home. Apart from health and safety though, Caitlin is careful to show each pet staying with us the tenderness she would show her own, so as to make them feel at home and at ease. Caitlin follows the actions of many anti-animal cruelty organizations, and is always looking to further her knowledge on how she can better the experiences of the cats and dogs that stay with us.

When not tending to her wards here at the Farm, Caitlin takes trips into New York City to frequent the various plays of Broadway. Although she had no problem stating that the Lion King is her favorite of the Disney plays (of which she has seen them all), she stands firm that Rent is her all time favorite show, and one that she has seen again and again.


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