Dr. Evan Kanouse

Dr. Evan Kanouse DVM

Position: Medical Director

After spending numerous years as an emergency veterinarian throughout the Greater New York City area, Dr. Evan Kanouse founded Brook Farm Veterinary Center in 1982. Together with his partner Dr. Alan Schoen, a world-renowned author and lecturer in veterinary acupuncture and natural therapies, Dr. Kanouse began accepting clients, changing the paradigm and elevating expectations for veterinary care in the Hudson Valley.

Today, Dr. Kanouse co-owns Brook Farm with his wife, Pat, and son, Evan, both of whom work at the practice (Dr. Schoen would later leave to teach at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and author several books on integrative veterinary medicine). As the Medical Director, Dr. Kanouse works with clients to develop health care plans that are appropriate for their pet's lifestyle and within their budget. 

Dr. Kanouse enjoys being involved in the community and forming relationships with other local businesses; you can often hear him talking about his visits to Green Chimneys Pre-School, the Patterson Library, and the Putnam Humane Society, to name a few. Dr. Kanouse is the past-president of the Hudson Valley Veterinary Medical Society, a Boy Scout Leader, and a regular lecturer at local community groups. He is regularly featured in local newspapers such as the Poughkeepsie Journal, The Putnam County News and Recorder, The Putnam County Courier, and The Examiner, and on the radio on 100.7FM WHUD, Pawling Public Radio, and Hudson Valley Talk Radio. 

Dr. Kanouse is passionate about environmental conservation, animal rights, and community health and wellness. At home, Dr. Kanouse is an amateur woodworker and enjoys reading, hiking, and kayaking. He has two dogs - Francine and Nettles - and three cats -  Chewy, Crane, and Newbury.  

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