Evan Kanouse

Evan Kanouse III

Position: Hospital Director

(845) 495-3048 | evan[at]brookfarmemail.com

As the Hospital Director since early 2010, Evan holds the practice accountable to its mission by leading and working alongside other Brook Farmers and by helping us maintain compliance with various professional organizations. Evan also leads a number of practice initiatives focused on community engagement, ethics, and sustainability. 

Evan is a guest lecturer at the State University of New York at Delhi where he teaches internship skills to first and second year Veterinary Technology students. He enjoys discussing the practice's innovative Farm Fresh mission and brainstorming ways for practices to become more involved in their communities.

As a vegetarian, Evan is passionate about the fair treatment of both animals and people; he is interested in animal welfare, civil rights, and education. At home, Evan is an avid hiker and reader. He has two dogs - Francine and Nettles (pictured) - and three cats -  Chewy, Crane, and Newbury. 



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