Kevin Fernandez

Kevin Fernandez

Although Kevin joined the Brook Farm in 2015, he has wasted no time at all in making a place for himself. Kevin joined our staff as a Technician Assistant, but he is the first to offer to lend a hand to both our Animal Care and Lodge staff. Kevin has just finished his schooling as a Veterinary Technician, and is eager to move forward to a tech position here with us.

If you were to ask Kevin what he loved most about his position, he would be nothing but candid with you: “I love being the person who can help educate owners by sharing the knowledge I've learned on how to care for their pets. From medication to grooming and nutrition, I want to someone our clients can trust for advice. It's a field that each day you’re learning something new.”

Of course, Kevin cannot help but take his passion for animal care home with him. He has a six-year-old Cockapoo named Hazel who is the perfect companion to his four-year-old son, Cameron. Between the two of his little bundles, Kevin is a busy man!

It comes as no surprise that Kevin is passionate about animal rights and welfare, but he balances his concerns over a widespread lineup of causes; from the American Humane Society to Veterans on Duty, and all the way on to the Public Education system, Kevin keeps up with a number of issues facing the world today.


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