Shannon Ferguson

Shannon Ferguson

Shannon has been the Executive Assistant to the Hospital Director since 2014. Shannon helps practice leadership turn ideas into action: in many ways, she acts as an information broker, constantly receiving information from clients, team members, and sometimes even pets, and articulating it in a clear and accurate manner to the people who need to hear about it. While Shannon works directly with Evan, her main goal is to identify opportunities to support the practice team in any and all ways possible. Shannon also coordinates our Public Relations and works with Alicia to raise awareness about the importance of pet wellness in the Hudson Valley.

Shannon enjoys interacting with clients and helping them to find a resolution to their concerns. "We see everyone on their best days and their worst," she says,"and making sure that they know that our service is unwavering - regardless of their circumstance or emotional state - helps them find comfort on what can otherwise be a very stressful day." 

Shannon is passionate about educating the community about animal overpopulation and the importance of adoption and rescue organizations. She also cares about raising awareness about animal cruelty and how to care for pets safely.

When Shannon's not at Brook Farm, she's baking cupcakes: she has "books and books" of cupcake recipes and decorations. While the cupcakes are in the oven, she's spends her time snuggling with Luna, her Afghan Hound Mix, and Ella and Zoe, her Ragdoll cats.

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