Digital Radiology

Radiographs, more commonly known as x-rays, are a very valuable diagnostic tool in our repertoire. They are commonly used to assess the presence or absence of abnormalities such as broken bones, foreign bodies (like a swallowed toy), or tumors. It works by passing x-ray beams through the body, which then scatter and leave a pattern showing the internal structures for review. Taking radiographs does involve exposing your pet to a small dose of radiation, but it is a safe level and poses no threat to your pet’s health or safety.

We have a digital radiography machine on site, which means that images are available for display immediately; you do not need to wait for wait for films to develop. The procedure itself is as quick as pressing a button, and many pets will lie quietly while it is performed. For more wiggly or anxious pets, sedation may be necessary to ensure a stress-free experience.


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