Emergency Veterinary Care

If your pet needs immediate attention, call us at (845) 878-4833.

As fellow pet parents, we understand the stress that owners feel when a health crisis strikes. Should your pet become suddenly ill or injured, or even if you're just worried that "something's not right," Brook Farm Veterinary Center offers emergency veterinary assistance that's both comprehensive and affordable.

When you walk through our doors, our staff will treat you with the respect, affection, and patience that we give every member of the Brook Farm family. Unlike typical emergency clinics that can be sterile and impersonal, our Urgent Care team will make you feel at home while providing your pet with the skill and attention that they deserve. As a practice accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, our emergency hospital offers highly trained and licensed professionals, leading-edge diagnostic equipment, the latest treatment methods, and acute monitoring. 

Brook Farm is the only family-owned practice in the Hudson Valley with extended hours to accomodate late-night appointments and emergencies. We guarantee the comfort of your entire family - two and four-legged! - regardless of whether your pet requires several days of intensive care or just a routine exam and vaccines.

We're open seven days a week with late-nights on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Monday 8am to 7pm
Tuesday 8am to 7pm
Wednesday 8am to 7pm
Thursday 8am to 10pm
Friday 8am to 11pm
Saturday 8am to 11pm
Sunday 8am to 12pm


We're accredited by AAHA. Find out what that means for you...
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