Genetic Testing


Dog owners these days more and more identify their companions as “mutts,” but these days, that doesn’t have to be the end of the discussion. At Brook Farm, we offer you the opportunity to discover what is truly in your pet’s genetic background. Working with Royal Canin, Brook Farm now carries the Genetic Health Analysis 3000. This blood test is taken at the office, and then registered and shipped by our staff.

The Analysis will break down your pet’s family tree, showing you their breed identification back three generations! In a matter of a few weeks, you will receive a full report on not just your pet’s DNA, but also their genetic makeup and mutations. This will allow you to better plan for your pet’s future; what their dietary or exercise needs might be in relation to their breed, which vitamins or treatments to begin based on their medical needs, etc. This test is great for all pet owners, whether you’re bringing your puppy in for your first visit, or you’ve got an older pup that you’ve just always wondered about!

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