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Even though the thought of your pet being stuck by a needle can be scary, blood work is an important part of diagnosing a treating a sick pet. Appropriate, accurate, and timely diagnostics play a vital role in both maintaining your pet’s good health and treating any illness. In cases of illness, understanding the nature of the problem speeds treatment. Medical histories and physical examinations don’t always tell the whole story; laboratory tests and imaging technologies are often needed to further define the problem.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center relies on modern in-house lab equipment, advanced radiology and imaging technology, and respected reference laboratories to discover the source of the problem. Laboratory diagnostic tests provide us with a wealth of information and test results are usually available within minutes. 

The most common blood test, a Complete Blood Count (CBC), gives information on hydration status, anemia, infection, the blood's clotting ability, and the immune system's ability to respond. This test is essential for pets with fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, pale gums, or loss of appetite. 

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