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Pets, like people, need routine professional dental care in order to maintain a healthy and pain-free mouth and to prevent secondary systemic diseases. Dental disease is a silent process that may cause many other illnesses, including kidney, heart, and blood infections. When pets don't receive the dental care they need to keep their teeth clean and their gums healthy, their mouths can harbor bad bacteria. 

Pet Dental HygieneOur pets are unable to comprehend a professional dental cleaning. If people are frightened by the sounds and the smells in a dental operatory, imagine the feelings of a beloved pet. It's unreasonable to ask a cat or dog to have their teeth charted by probing and examining each tooth individually, cleaning above and below the gumline and asking them to hold their mouth open and still. Then there's the water and the suction and the polishing. Doing this to a dog or cat with a healthy mouth would be difficult. Imagine how difficult it would be if there were painful broken teeth, abscesses or tooth resorptions.

Since pets need to be anesthetized for their teeth to be cleaned properly and safely, Brook Farm Veterinary Center has a fully equipped dental suite that can handle virtually any dental concern. Whether you're looking to schedule your dog's dental cleaning or need a second opinion about your cat's oral health, our skilled veterinary technicians are ready to assist you. 

Dental hygiene for dogs and cats is a critical aspect to the longevity of their life and their continued health and wellness. Brook Farm has successfully performed thousands of dentistries over the past 30 years and would be glad to offer your pet a complimentary dental health assessment at your next visit. 


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