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Annual wellness exams are the most important part of your pet’s medical care; scheduling check-ins with our Medical staff allow us to keep an eye on your pet’s life and help you to make medical decisions to their quickly changing needs. Of course, we have all heard that a single “dog year” accounts for seven human years; this means our pet’s needs can alter rapidly. In order to help you better maintain a keen eye on your pet, Dr. Kanouse and his team will review even the smallest of details pertaining to their life.

Here’s an idea of what to expect from your pet’s yearly exam:

  • a comprehensive exam of your pet’s body
  • a discussion of your pet’s current diet and eating habits
  • questions pertaining to your pet’s current exercise routines
  • changes in your pet’s behavior or demeanor
  • current use of preventatives (flea/tick/heartworm)
  • schedule of vaccines/bloodwork
Based on this analysis of your pet’s lifestyle, your veterinarian might suggest making changes to your pet’s home life to better suit their needs.
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