Emergency Blood Transfusion Saves Pet's Life

Mrs. Trinchillo and her dog, Lily, found themselves in need of serious help. Loose stool and bloody urine had prompted a medical visit to Brook Farm. Once our medical team was able to complete diagnostic screening and a head-to-toe exam, it became apparent that the Dachshund was suffering from a serious autoimmune disease.

Mrs. Trinchillo was advised to bring Lily back to the hospital straight away to receive an emergency blood transfusion. Thus began the search that led us to Geronimo, a sweet Pit Bull from the Putnam Humane Society. Brook Farmers had been placing calls to a variety of institutions, looking for a healthy to donate blood for Lily, and Geronimo answered our prayers.

Upon arrival, Lily was weak and extremely lethargic; the disease had worsened and staff knew they had to get right down to work in order to help her. Geronimo's blood was introduced to Lily's system, with trained and proficient staff standing by. Due to financial concerns, the entire case was covered by a grant from our Farm Fund.

Today, Lily is back to her usual peppy self and the treatment has been deemed a success. This could not have happened if it was not for the Farm Fund and our wonder dog, Geronimo.


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