A Case of the Feels: Our Visit to Brook Farm

Brook Farmers are warm, wonderful folks who open their homes to animals in need. We strive to give your furbaby the same love and attention you would give them.

How did your pet become part of your family?

'Our first dog was a gift we got right after we married. She was with us for 16 years and we said we'd never get another dog because Maggie was too hard to replace. That lasted about a year and we just missed her too much. My husband was like, 'Well, why don't we just go to a shelter and look and see how we feel?" We felt like adopting two abandoned puppies right that day!"

How did you discover Brook Farm Veterinary Center?

"Both our dogs came from Happy Life Animal Rescue and they gave Brook Farm VC a glowing reference. So happy we took them up on it!"

What do you like best about coming to Brook Farm?

"It doesn't feel like a vet clinic. Right as you walk through the door, it's like you're stopping by to visit a friend at work."

Is there any special memory you've had with us?

"The first visit with Dr. Kanouse, they had to be right next to each other the entire time, the entire visit. As soon as you picked one up, his brother began whimpering. It was only 2 weeks since we adopted them so I guess they were still adjusting. Nothing phases Dr. K! It took some maneuvering but he made it work."

What does good pet care mean to you? How does Brook Farm fulfill this expectation?

"It means our dogs being treated with kindness and like living beings with their own feelings. The one thing I've noticed is the team there knows the cats and dogs by their personality."

- S. and L. G, Holmes, NY

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