New Neighbors Greeted with Kindness and Respect

Kindness is at the core of everything we do at Brook Farm. We're proud to share the story of kindness that resulted in a lifelong friendship.

How did your pet become part of your family?

"We were new to the area and had just been moved into our house for about a week when my daughter found a wet and dirty kitten behind the shed. It was so small, we weren't sure if it was even weaned yet. He was nothing but filth and fur. We went over to the neighbors to ask if they knew where he could have come from and they didn't, but they suggested we call Brook Farm and ask for Dr. Clark. Five years later, he's still going to see Dr. Clark for his visits."

What do you like best about coming to Brook Farm?

"What I like best is that they don't treat our cats like animals to get in and out the door. They're treated very respectfully."

Is there any special memory you've had with us?

"My oldest daughter wants to be a veterinarian; she talks about it non-stop! Dr. Clark praised her for saving the kitten and explained all the things she was checking out on him. Really made my day that she including daughter in the visit and encouraged her interest in animals."

What does good pet care mean to you? How does Brook Farm fulfill this expectation?

"Communication. No matter which vet or tech we get, they talk to us and not over us. We hear options and we get asked what we want to do. "


- R.L. from Brewster, NY

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