New Puppy Given Lots of Love and TLC at Brook Farm

Although puppies and kittens are seen frequently at Brook Farm, they never fail to brighten our day. We take pride in acknowledging that every pet and client is different, enabling us to provide unique care for all our patients.

One November morning, Jennifer Castello came to visit with her tiny new puppy, Tootsie. It's common for new and experienced pet owners alike to feel anxious when it comes to any aspect of pet healthcare. Jennifer was apprehensive about the vaccine schedule generally recommended as her puppy was very small, weighing in just under 3 pounds.

Dr. Kanouse and his medical team listened carefully in order to consider all of Mrs. Castello's concerns. Dr Kanouse was able to recommended a vaccine schedule that would prioritize both Tootsie's immunization needs and her overall wellbeing. The staff informed Mrs. Castello of possible vaccine reactions and what to look out for before they departed. The following morning, a Client Advocate called to check in on Tootsie and Mrs. Castello to make sure that everything went well and that they were both comfortable back at home.

This was our first visit to Dr. Kanouse and his lovely staff for our new puppy! Warm and friendly office and tech staff, and lots of fun products and toys in the office! As the puppy is so small, I was concerned about over-vaccination, but Dr. Kanouse suggested a more holistic approach to the puppy vaccine schedule, which set my mind at ease. The office staff called me first thing this morning to check on the puppy to see if she had any reactions to her shots, and to let me know the result of her stool sample. I really can't even make any suggestions to improve things; everything was beyond my expectations! - Jennifer Castello

Tootsie is now up-to-date on all of her recommended vaccinations and is growing up fast.


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