Speaking Their Language

No matter which Brook Farm team member you're speaking to, the quality is always the same. We believe in empathy and understanding at every stage of care - from scheduling your next visit to the exam itself!


How did your pet become part of your family?

"We got all our dogs from various shelters. It's not a home without a dog, as far as we're concerned!"




How did you discover Brook Farm Veterinary Center?

"My old vet recommended Brook Farm to my wife so we decided to check them out. Baxter is our baby, he's very nervous around new people and doesn't really like any one but my wife holding him. He took to Dr. Kanouse right away and we knew we had our new vet. Everyone at Brook Farm is extremely patient with Baxter; they never hurry him along or force him to do anything. They always let him lead and they'll adjust around him."

What do you like best about coming to Brook Farm?

"Down the line, every person is compassionate. You get the same kind treatment to you and the dogs from the receptionists that you get from the vets."




Is there any special memory you've had with us?

"The one that jumps out to me was the first visit where Dr. Kanouse petted him and kind of waited for him to calm down before he started the check up. Baxter has never liked people touching his head and the vet knew it from his body language. "

What does good pet care mean to you? How does Brook Farm fulfill this expectation?

"I think it means treating a pet when there's a problem and treating them so there isn't a problem later. One thing Brook Farm does better than any place I've seen, they really educate and push on preventative care."


- K.P. Patterson, NY

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