Worry No More

Our pets are more than just companions; they're unique personality make them part of the family. Because we're pet owners as well, your Brook Farm team understands how important it is to provide you and your pet with personalized care.

How did your pet become part of your family?

"My son was worried about me being on my own and he wanted to get me a dog. After we decided on a shelter, I get there and fell head over heels for this gorgeous fat Persian cat. Milo was bonded to his little friend there, Xavier, so we took 'em both. My son thinks I treat the cats like my babies and he's right."


How did you discover Brook Farm Veterinary Center?

"We had an issue come up with our younger cat. It wasn't what I'd call an emergency but we wanted it looked at as soon as we could. After trying about 2 other vets, Brook Farm was the only one that treated my concern seriously and they got us in for a visit within a couple hours."

What do you like best about coming to Brook Farm?

"It's nice that they remember us; they know by now the days I can't get over there for an appointment until one of my kids gets off of work and I never have ask for evenings. They know right away what times I like best and which vet I'm more used to."


What does good pet care mean to you? How does Brook Farm fulfill this expectation?

"Good pet care comes from helping me as an owner. I have a Persian and, when I took him in, I had no idea they're prone to kidney disease more than other cats. The people at Brook Farm have been teaching me what to do now so we don't have a worry later on, what to look for, what foods can help, all that stuff."

-F.M Pawling, NY

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